Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spied on!

Media coverage of the NWA/Delta merger is waning some. It will remain in the news for months, of course, but probably not dominate the front page of the Strib or be the lead story on radio and TV every single day like last week. No worries. I'll keep you posted right here.

But today, I have other issues.

My employer, The Hennepin County Library System, in its heroic efforts to protect its customers and employees from harm on the internet, has blocked my fledgling web site. Can you believe it? You can't imagine how chagrined and embarrassed I was when, with a puzzled look, a co worker at the library gave me this news. She tried to access my web site during her break yesterday afternoon and was denied access. "You must have typed in the wrong address," I replied. Before my very eyes she re-entered the correct address. Lady Skywriter Denied!

So what gives? Is there a stripper in Vegas or LA or maybe even Hoboken with this moniker?

The Lead Librarian, who has the immense power necessary to override the spyware on a one-time basis, checked out my web site and pronouned it clean. She even liked it! But alas, it will remain blocked in the library system computers until a request for review reaches another person with immense power in the "office of library spyware."

I am assured this will all be straightened out next week. In the meantime, you'll have to read Lady Skywriter covertly in the privacy of your own homes.


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