Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Feeling the Pain . . .

Ouch! I just booked my annual flight to Maine for a week of R&R at Moody Beach in October. The cost was more than double what it was last year, and of course that doesn't include any of the EXTRA FEES that we know about and also those we don't yet know about, but I'm sure are coming! I can't wait to find out how much the rental car will be, especially the "gassed up return" feature. Its a very good thing I'm not a lobster lover, as that Maine treat would surely not fit my busted budget, if there are any lobsters left for Maine fishermen to catch, that is. No, I won't go there. That's a whole other issue that only Al Gore has the answer to.

C'mon, old girl, buck up!

I think we all could use a little levity. Last week an American Airlines flight out of Boston bound for L.A. hit a little unforseen turbulence. The turbulence was created inside the aircraft as a passenger ran buck naked down the center aisle, laughing merrily. Another passenger alerted the flight attendant, who put a blanket over the streaker while they talked him into going into the lavatory and putting his clothes back on. He emerged fully clothed, contrite and embarrassed and returned to his seat. They thought that was the end of it. A little later he appeared again, this time lurching rapidly toward the main cabin door. The same intrepid passenger grabbed him and hurled him away from the door, not knowing that it was not operable in flight and there was no danger of it opening. The flight was diverted to Oklahoma City to deplane the male stripper and then resumed its flight to L.A. Clearly the poor fellow was disturbed. Hope he is getting some help in Oklahoma City.

Brief notes on the merger er, acquisition, oh heck its really a takeover! Lets call 'em as we sees 'em. We're talking here about THE BIGGEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD, when Delta swallows up Northwest.
  • Top management has been named for the 'new' airline, supposedly split between Delta and Northwest veterans.
  • The pilots from both airlines expect to have a blended seniority list by November 20.

They say it will be a done deal by the end of the year. Some say Thanksgiving. That's somehow fitting . . .gobbled up by Thanksgiving!


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