Friday, October 10, 2008

I Sat In A Stratocruiser Seat Today!

Yes, it is true!  When I arrived at the NWA History Centre this afternoon Mary Fryer said, "Wait 'til you see what we got today!   "What, what?" I responded as she dragged me into the back room and pointed at the airplane seats resting against the wall. "Someone brought us these Stratocruiser seats," she exclaimed.

Well sure enough!  I was able to confirm that these were, indeed, Stratocruiser seats when I sank into the familiar soft upholstery and remembered how I used to curl up in one and take a nap.  Certainly not while on duty, however!

Now this pair of Stratocruiser seats have seen better days, to be sure. ( So have I, for that matter.)   In fact it looks like they have provided comfortable seating in somebody's ice house or hunting shack for the past 50 years.  There is at least 50 years worth of grime and one of the seats needs repair.  I, for one, will happily volunteer to help clean and restore them.  Hopefully with some guidance from someone who knows how this should be done.  I have great faith that Bruce Kitt, NWA History Centre archivist can track down an expert.  I'd love nothing more than to provide some elbow grease.  Or if thats not allowed, just watch.

Real Stratocruiser seats.  I'm excited.

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