Saturday, May 30, 2009

50 Years Ago Today BOAC flew its last Boeing Stratocruiser Flight

           Boeing image of a Stratocruiser berth.
Jeffery Renshaw recalls sleeping between "crisp white sheets" in a berth on a BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser as a child.  Jeffery's Dad was a BOAC manager stationed at LaGuardia and Idlewild (JFK) airports in the 1950's and the family made many transatlantic crossings. He remembers "stewards dressed in white dinner jackets serving appetizers from silver trays."

Well, we know they weren't Fujiyama Trays, as those were unique to Northwest Airlines Stratocruisers in those days.  And the stewards in white dinner jackets were stewardesses in kimonos on Northwest.  But there were no real differences between the gracious flight experiences on any airline that flew the undisputed "queen of the airways" in the 1950's.
Northwest continued flying its Boeing B-377 Stratocruisers until September, 1960.


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