Saturday, November 7, 2009

Before we leave Shemya . . .

Phyllis Tack Curry ready to do some wash.
If you're having trouble reading the sign over the door, please allow me:
It says, "Home for Wayward Girls."
Can you imagine that sign being over the door today? I'm also wondering how many of you remember the brand of soap Phyllis is holding in her hands? Lux soap was highly visible when I was a kid. Don't remember the last time I saw it on a grocery shelf. I have searched the web for Lux soap flakes to no avail. There is still a Lux brand, but it appears that today they only produce bar and liquid soaps. There are Lux flakes ads for sale on the net featuring royalty, high level politicians and Hollywood actresses. Fun to see. There is even an unopened box of Lux flakes for sale for a mere $28.00. Reminds me of the time I saw a bottle of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing in an antique store. An antique store. I couldn't believe it. It seems only yesterday that I used Mrs. Stewarts. Okay, okay, at the time we still had a wringer on the washing machine and a washboard in the laundry tub and a mangle to "iron" sheets and tablecloths. Iron sheets you ask? Youbetcha! I think I belong in an antique store!
But I digress.
Back to 1947 and Flight 1 to the Orient, Shemya to Tokyo, next post.


Blogger Brooktop said...

Lux flakes were made for Lever Bros by Dri-Pak in the UK. The Lux brand is no longer available but Dri-Pak still make them under their own brand and they are available in the States from MSO Distributing.

November 9, 2009 at 3:28 AM  

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