Saturday, January 30, 2010


Glen Stubee, Star Tribune Company

According to Suzanne Ziegler, writing in the Saturday, January 30, 2010 Minneapolis Star Tribune, opening the new "Delta North" headquarters is one of the "final steps toward completing the "Deltafication" of Northwest after the Atlanta-based airline purchased Northwest in October 2008."
"Deltification." Hmmmm.
Bill Lentsch, Delta Air Lines senior vice president for Minnesota operations, and himself a former Northwest leader and employee, acknowledges that Delta has a challenge connecting the Delta brand and the Delta family to the community. He says, "The Northwest history is something that we're all proud of and and we're all fond of, but I think the excitement that comes along with being a part of the biggest and the greatest airline in the world is something that is just overwhelmingly positive and wipes all that other stuff away."
Delta has already "wiped away" all NWA branding from airports, and expects all NWA airplanes to be re-painted in Delta livery by the end of the first quarter. That is the end of March, 2010.
Well, Mr. Lentsch and Delta, you're not going to wipe my "stuff" away, and you're not going to wipe away all the "stuff" and the dedicated volunteers at the NWA History Centre in Bloomington, near the MSP airport.
Check it out at
Then c'mon out to the museum, where red tails can still be seen.


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