Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lady Skywriter Website Updates

Have a look - starting with the Home Page and continuing through all of the pages, much of the Lady Skywriter content has been updated. We're taking a more historical view these days and focusing on Northwest Airlines as she was ~ a proud Legacy airline for 84 years, symbolized by the bright red tail that was so easy to identify.
Look for new additions. Check out the "Curiosities" located on the Preview page sidebar. Click on "In the News" on the Speaking Page for a radio interview.
And if you have never before clicked on the airplane on the Lady Skywriter banner at the top of all pages except the blog page, do it now and see what happens!
As always, please share your stories with us. We've been gathering more first-person recollections from many folks who either worked for NWA, or traveled on her, to include in another book to be published in 2011.


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