Thursday, May 1, 2008

NWA History Centre

With the famous red tail destined to disappear over the horizon later this year many of us find ourselves awash in nostalgia. Here's a great place to get a "fix" for all things Northwest Airlines. Check out the NWA History Centre in Bloomington, MN near the airport. ( for hours and directions.)

Pictured above are volunteers Brad Emsley, Jack Ingersol, Joe McKernan and Vince Rodriguez with visitor Jean Carlson Schreier.

Jean brought her well preserved stewardess uniform to donate to the centre recently (Jean is looking very well preserved herself.) Tagging along is Lady Skywriter, fellow ex-stewardess Anne Billingsley Kerr, pictured below at a display of stewardess uniforms. In the case between them is a navy blue uniform with white piping, the style Anne wore when she graduated from "smile school" in May, 1956 (click on Preview on this web site for the graduation photo.)


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