Thursday, October 30, 2008

U.S. Justice Department Approves Delta Takeover of Northwest Airlines

Well, it happened.  We were pretty sure it would.  It happened much faster and more quietly than I would have imagined, though.  The word was that it would happen before Thanksgiving.  It happened before Halloween.  No person or group (including Congress) stepped up to protest.  The law suit against Delta quietly went away.
So now Delta becomes THE BIGGEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD, with 400 destinations in 67 countries.  And the red tail disappears.  Not today.  Not tomorrow.  But before too long the red tails on NWA aircraft will be painted over.  NWA personnel already have new uniforms which will be donned around the first of the year.
Thank heavens we have the NWA History Centre in Bloomington, (link on this web site) which is a separate entity from the airline and didn't get sold along with the other assets. Now would be a good time to look through your attics and basements and see if any NWA memorabilia have taken refuge there.  Next step would be a call to the Centre (952) 698-4478 to arrange for donation of said items to the archives. Help preserve the memories of an 82-year-old airline with a magnificent history.
That's about all that is left for us to do.


Blogger jmh said...

Dear Delta, Keep The Tails Painted RED.
It's the least you could do to show a bit of respect for the beloved institution your about to swallow. And, it would be good business move to tip your hat to all the NWA loyalists who will be looking elsewhere for tickets.

October 30, 2008 at 3:04 PM  

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