Saturday, February 14, 2009

From the Peanut Gallery . . .

A surely unexpected consequence of the Delta acquisition of Northwest Airlines is the re-emergence of packets of peanuts on some NWA flights.  Most airlines went peanut-free and switched to an alternative snack in 1998 when the Department of Transportation recommended that large carriers create a buffer zone around passengers with peanut allergies. Northwest decided to avoid the hassle and went to pretzels, instead.

Delta, however, has always served peanuts. In fact, last year alone Delta boasts it handed out 60 million packages of them.  You see, Delta is headquartered in Atlanta.  Atlanta is in Georgia.  Georgia is a huge producer of peanuts.  Ergo, peanuts on Delta.  Delta acquires Northwest, resulting in peanuts on Northwest.

Now there is a statement on the Northwest Airlines website that acknowledges that peanuts can "result in dire even fatal consequences for customers with the most severe allergies."  It recommends people with the allergy let them know so flight attendants will not serve peanuts to people in the same row or three rows in front and behind the passenger.  It also recommends they take the first flight of the day when possible because planes get a more thorough cleaning overnight.  Plus it recommends bringing epinephrine - often the EpiPen brand - which can help treat someone going into anahylactic shock.  

My, my.  And we were worried about red tails disappearing.


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