Friday, February 13, 2009

More Stratocruiser Party Photos . . .

The NWA History Centre was occupied by many "living artifacts," (myself included) as well as the static displays on Saturday, February 7, for the launching of the book , Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels.
This handsome quintet includes Bonnie Murray Vork's daughters Kathryn and Betsy and Anne's NWA stewardess contemporaries Pat Olson, Pat Tennyson and Nola Wagner.  l-r: Kathryn, Betsy, Pat O., Pat T., Nola.
Pat Tennyson telling her honeymoon story.  When she and her husband boarded for the first leg of their trip to Europe, the NWA crew "stowed" Pat in the coatroom and her new husband in a rear lavatory and didn't allow either of them to emerge until landing in New York.
These fellows all had something to do with the Lowrey organ installation on Boeing Stratocruiser #709:
1-r:  John Peterson was involved with installation of the instrument.  C.W. "Chuck" Swanson played the organ on a MSP-IDL flight when he was 19 years old.  Felix Perry was also involved with installation and Bert Sisler was the co-pilot on the test flight of the aircraft to determine if playing the organ aloft had any impact on the integrity of the flight instruments in flight.

Dawn Hill tickling the ivories with the same tunes played on the inaugural flight of NWA Boeing Stratocruiser #709 with the Lowrey organ installed. It was in the fall of 1959. The tunes included "Autumn Leaves," "My Funny Valentine," "Stardust" and "What'll I do?"

More photos coming in future posts . . .


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