Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fujiyama Trays

The Fujiyama Tray as recreated by Lady Skywriter

Yes, there are Kokeshi Dolls on the tray as there were fifty years ago, but they are hard to see in this photo.  The pineapple in the center is studded with cheeses, meat cubes, olives and baby cherry tomatoes. Assorted fresh fruits, more cheeses, meats, veggies and dipping sauces surround the pineapple.  Crackers are arranged on a separate tray and flutes of sparkling fruit juice await nearby. 
This was the scene recently at the Minnetonka Community Center when Lady Skywriter made a presentation about the fabulous passenger flight experience on Northwest Airline's Boeing Stratocruisers back in the 1950s. 
As participants snacked on the Fujiyama Tray, they were entertained by a PowerPoint presentation featuring photos of the unique features of the finest, fastest, most elegant propeller-driven passenger aircraft ever built. She featured sleeping berths more commodious than railroad berths and air to ground telephone service in an age when cell phones weren't even thought of.  A winding staircase just aft of the main cabin door led to the Fujiyama Room, a horseshoe-shaped cocktail lounge on the lower deck. One of the Stratocruisers was equipped with a Lowrey Organ, which was played by itinerate organists on non-stop flights between Minneapolis and New York. Fashion shows and church services were held aloft in Northwest's Stratocruisers.  
As participants freshened up with a warm, scented Oshibori Towel at the close of the presentation, they reflected on a kinder, gentler time in commercial aviation when passengers dressed up to travel and were rewarded with an elegant experience.
To arrange to host this fun and interesting program for your civic, fraternal, business or church group, please click on the pencil at the bottom of this post, leave your name, E-mail address or phone number and Lady Skywriter will get back to you promptly.
Lady Skywriter's book, Fujiyama Trays and Oshibori Towels Recalling a time when passenger flight was an adventure and the Boeing Stratocruiser ruled the skies, will soon be available on this website. 


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Flying was more expensive then.

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