Friday, August 14, 2009

Hurled Through Time and Space: Episode 1: Concorde Flight 9091, June 26, 1988, London to New York

From the Flight Deck:
"Our flight time today, London to New York, will be 3 hours, 17 minutes. We'll be flying at an altitude of 58,000 ft. (almost 12 miles high). We'll be taking off on runway 9-R at full power with the afterburners on. Shortly after the takeoff roll afterburners off. We will fly at .95 the speed of sound to Bristol and supersonic after that. We will reach Mach 2:00 at an altitude of 60,000 ft."
No, I don't have an incredible memory. I had the presence of mind 21 years ago to record this awesome experience in a little leather journal embossed in silver with the Concorde logo. It was just one of the many gifts we were given during the flight and I am so grateful that I chose to put it to use immediately. My way of trying to "bottle" the experience. I think it worked!
I ran across the journal this week while mourning the death of my dear friend and travel companion, Diane Goulett. She and I celebrated our respective retirements by taking what we called "the trip of a lifetime." We sailed to Southampton on the QEII, spent 10 wonderful days hanging out in London and returned home on a BOAC Concorde. (I must note here that we eventually added the Orient Express to our exotic transport modes.) We delighted in the fact that it took us 5 days to sail from New York to Southampton on the QEII and 3.25 hours returning on the Concorde.
Tomorrow: the Concorde Lounge at Heathrow Airport.

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