Sunday, November 15, 2009

What, and give up my Tokyo run?

Yes she did. Phyllis Tack & Charles Curry were wed in 1948
And they stayed "wed" for 55 years until Charles death
Phyllis Curry today with her prized NWA DC-3 model
Phyllis grew up at 51st and 11th Avenue, Minneapolis. She had three brothers, one a Navy pilot. Both her son and daughter are pilots. Charlie has been with Northwest for 25 years and plans to work another five years before retiring. Janet worked for Champion, which unfortunately folded.
Speaking of the DC-3, Phyllis chuckles when she recalls how she and the other stews felt when the airline announced it was buying DC-4s. They would be expected to serve a meal to 44 passengers between MSP and Milwaukee. "There's no way that two stewardesses can serve 44 passengers in one hour and forty minutes," the ladies fretted.
Of course they discovered a "way" and their successors have been figuring out how to cope with each new bigger and better airplane put into service, carrying more and more passengers, ever since.
Thanks to you and other pioneers, Phyllis, we've come a long way!


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