Friday, February 26, 2010

"Not Big Brother," NTSB says

The hapless duo piloting NWA Flight 188 last fall . . . you remember, the flight that overshot MSP by 100 miles, can't seem to catch a break. Now the NTSB says it wants to monitor all cockpit conversation on all flights, citing this event as one of the reasons.
The pilots union is fighting it, as may be expected. Wonder how far they would have flown if a cabin attendant hadn't come knocking on the flight deck door, wondering when they were going to land?
It would be fun to get NWA Captain Deke DeLong's take on all of this. Check out the next NWA History Centre newsletter, Reflections, coming in March, telling of the day Deke overflew Fargo, N.D. more than 60 years ago.
Deke was a NWA pioneer and a real character. He learned to fly in France in WWI, barnstormed in the USA, started with NWA in 1928 and was Sr. Pilot for many years before retiring in 1959. Cap't DeLong died in 1964.


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