Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Steven Slater "Pulled the Chute" he became the instant idol of Flight Attendants - Past and Present

Didn't we all have fantasies about what we would do on our last trip? I remember a pilot saying his fantasy was to emerge from the flight deck wearing a parachute and walk the length of the cabin! Wish I remembered his name.
Back in the day (50 years ago) most passengers were very well behaved. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that female passengers wore dresses, heels, hats and gloves, and men wore three-piece suits. There wasn't a muscle shirt to be seen. Flip-flops were only used in the shower. The center aisle was wide enough for two adults to pass one another without touching. Full dinners were served - even on coach flights. The Captain pointed out points of interest along the way and even invited the passengers up to the flight deck to say hello!
As for the "last straw" that Steven Slater experienced, I never could have reached that point. I had to resign on the occasion of my marriage or my 32nd birthday, whichever came first. The average tenure of a stewardess was 18 months. I was way over the average at 3 years, 8 months. That all changed in the 1960s.
Bob Reardon - What's your secret? Bob has been a flight attendant/Purser for 56 years, first with Northwest and now with Delta. And he hasn't "pulled the chute" yet!
If you ever do, Bob - don't forget the beer on your way down!


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