Monday, July 12, 2010

This story has a "Twist"

It seems that nearly every day another "50 years ago" story hits the news. It also seems that I can relate to almost all of them.
Today's item involves Chubby Checker:
Alejandro A. Alvarez - Philadelphia Daily News
In a flash I am back in Dick and Harriet Johnson's living room in a Richfield, Minnesota apartment. It is late summer, 1960. We are doing "The Twist" to Chubby Checker's hit record. (Yes record!) I have been married since February of that year and thus "retired" from NWA, as was the rule at the time. The apartment is small - the living room hardly large enough to accommodate several couples gyrating to the music. Woody Carr, Dick and Harriet's neighbor and a freshly-minted co-pilot for North Central, is really into it and suddenly crashes through their glass-top coffee table. Chagrined and embarrassed, Woody promised to replace the broken glass table top. I'm sure he did. We sure had fun! What great memories to start today with.
Does anybody else have a "Twist" memory? Please share.


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