Friday, August 5, 2011

Couldn't Resist Passing On Dale Watson's song, "Tiger Airways"

When Dale Watson was charged $500 in excess baggage fees by Tiger Airways for a box of music CD's he was taking to an appearance in Australia, he thought it was high, but paid the airline. When he got to his destination the box of CD's had gone missing. After four months of trying to get the situation resolved, Dale told a Tiger Airways representative that he was going to write a song. The guy said, "Go right ahead."
He did write the song and put it on YouTube. It went viral. Not only did Dale get his $500 back from Tiger Airways, he also got around $2,000 Euros from them for the box of CD's the airline lost.
Just goes to show what singing a song can do for a person!
Plus, it is good for business. Dale Watson has a much bigger fan base than he used to.
Thanks to Tom Lee for passing this along to me.


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