Monday, January 16, 2012

Nila Kleinsasser Paselk, a Fellow NWA Stewardess From the 1950s Dead at 82

My eye immediately went to the photograph at the top of the obituary page in the StarTribune yesterday, Sunday, January 15. What caught my attention was the stewardess uniform in the photograph. it was navy blue with white piping around the tuxedo-styled collar revealing a white blouse underneath. I wore the same uniform in the mid-50s - so although I didn't recognize the last (married) name, I recognized the first name - Nila.
Nila Kleinsasser was kind and gracious. She often appeared in Northwest Airlines advertising. She was a wonderful good-will ambassador for the airline.
We lost touch over the years. I would see her very occasionally at a NESA (Northwest Ex-Stewardess Association) event since our flying days, but not for many years now.
I wish we had kept in better touch.
Rest in peace, Nila. My thoughts are with your family.


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