Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AirSpace Minnesota's Go Boldly Expo features Apollo Pioneers, Scientists and Aerospace and Aviation Leaders

Lady Skywriter attended the Go Boldly Expo on Saturday, April 26, held at Holman Field, St. Paul, and had the opportunity to meet astronauts who went to the moon and outer space and hear their stories.  Special thanks to Lona Falenczykowski and John Billingsley for the great photos!

George 'Pinky' Nelson and Emmy Falenczykowski

Manning the Delta booth was Cap't. Heather Sharp, here pictured
with her husband, two boys, Emmy and Lona Falenczykowski
Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Karen Nyberg, Dr. Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt and 'Pinky' Nelson
Last Apollo trip to the moon astronaut Dr. Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt 
and Carol Hall, retired NWA F/A

Dr. Karen Nyberg talked about her work aboard the International Space Station in 2013 and brought video of the experience:

Back to earth at the Go Boldly Expo:
Lona Falenczykowski, daughter of NWA Captain Caz Falen and retired North Central/Republic F/A
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin autographing his book for Lady Skywriter
Note his tie, bearing the logos of 17 Apollo Missions

AirSpace Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to chronicle Minnesota's great aerospace and aviation legacy and equip a new generation to write the next chapter of the innovation story.

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