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A Photo Essay In Tribute To Joe Kimm

Joe Kimm Flew West on September 19, 2013 at the age of 102 years, one month.
Joe had a 43 year career with Northwest Airlines, from 7/1/1929, as a flight steward, during which time he invented the burp bag.  He noticed the pilots earned much more than he did, so he learned to fly, got his Limited Commercial License 11/15/1930, and flew his first NWA Captain flight 5/20/1933.
Joe Kimm as NWA Co-Pilot, 1930

"Snakes" Bouvette, Station Manager at Pembina N.C.
had to borrow a team of horses from a neighboring farm to pull Joe Kimm's Hamilton out of a snowbank in Pembina N.D. January, 1936

Joe flew on aircraft from the Ford Tri-motor to the Boeing 707; was co-pilot on the Northern tier proving run between MSP and SEA with Hugh Ruschenberg in January, 1933, with Amelia Earhart as passenger.
           Deke DeLong, Great Falls Mayor Russell Conklin, Postmaster Mark Fuller and 
                     Captain Joe Kimm during NWA 30th Anniversary Fort Tri-Motor flight in 1956.
Arthur Godfrey, Deke DeLong, Joe Kimm  on NWA 30th
Anniversary coast-to-coast flight.
Kerry Cotton, Joe Kimm, Jr., Kimm Viebrock

Joe served as System and Eastern Region Chief Pilot from 1949-1951; was a founding member of ALPA; and served as a transport pilot in WW II.

Joe was inducted into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame in April, 2012. He wasn't able to attend in person, but appeared virtually, courtesy of his granddaughter Kimm Viebrock. His daughter Kerry Cotton, and son Joe Kimm, Jr., also attended in person.
Thanks, Joe and Kimm Viebrock. Your presence via Skype
at the Minnesota Aviation Awards Dinner made it very special.

Joe was a wonderful resource for me during the years I edited the NWA History Centre newsletter, Reflections.  He had the most amazing stories!  I will miss him.
Although Joe"s family is honoring his wish for no formal services, they have created a virtual memorial, which can be accessed at 
For more about Joe Kimm, go to for Winter 2012, Fall 2011 and March, 2011 Reflections Newsletters.


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