Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cockpit Chronicles: Behind the scenes with a flight attendant — Crew Meals

Well, this woke me up this morning!  Can anybody tell me what aircraft this is?

My first impressions are of the flight attendant.  Can't help noticing the very long straight hair, hanging freely to the middle of her back, wisps hanging nearly into the food!  The sunglasses perched on the top of her head.  The earrings.

All grounds for dismissal back in the 1950s.  We must have been very boring back then.

It was also amazing to me that both the captain and first officer had their laps full of food trays at the same time.

The size of the galley is a wonder.  And we thought the Boeing Stratocruiser had a large galley!  They do have lots more to do than we did, and I'm sure in half the time!

It's a real education to see what goes on behind the scenes on today's flights.

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