Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicago's Midway Airport

Nancy Rogers working on a DC-4

Southwest Airways is up and running from MSP to Chicago as of this weekend.  The price is right.  And their destination airport is more convenient than O'Hare for most travelers as it is closer to downtown.  Midway Airport.
Ah, this brings back memories of flying a 'twice-a-day' schedule, MSP to MDW, on a DC-4 in the 1950's. Non-stop flight time eastbound was 1:55, ramp to ramp.  Westbound: 2:05.  It took us a little longer, then.  Although when one factors in current security, baggage and traffic issues with today's shorter flight times, it is probably a wash.
I remember landings at Midway in pea soup visibility - often the case with the "lake effect" weather in Chicago - and guessing where the DeKalb corncob water tower might be if I could see it. It was tall enough that it would definitely interfere with our flight path if we were off the mark. Thankfully, in my case, we never were.  
Does anybody know if that water tower is still there? I might have to fly into Midway again just to find out.


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