Saturday, November 21, 2009

FAA Computer Glitch Hampers Air Travel . . .

Good grief. Computers again. We're just recovering from the NWA flyover last month, purportedly caused by pilots glued to their laptops instead of making a scheduled landing at MSP.
Now this last Thursday, November 19, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) computer system crashed, failing to upload flight plans all over the NorthEast.
Apparently Atlanta was hit hardest. Atlanta. Home of Delta, the largest airline in the world, and adoptive parent of Northwest Airlines.
I am happy to report that Northwest Airlines, with most of its hubs in the midwest and west, scored 88% on-time flights last Thursday compared with Delta's 56%.
At least it wasn't Thursday THIS week. The Thanksgiving holiday is the heaviest travel time of the year.
I wonder what it will take to get anybody's attention in the halls of Congress and the White House. For years the FAA's antiquated computer system has been an issue.
Oh, I forgot. The U.S. Senate is too busy voting on whether to even consider debating the health care bill and the President is too Far East to be paying attention. And then there's Sarah . . . and Oprah . . . clearly there's just too much other, more important, stuff going on right now.


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