Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's all about Bob! Reardon, that is

This year Bob Reardon will have completed 60 years of flying, beginning October 1, 1951, with Northwest Orient Airlines.
Now 87, Bob continues working for Delta, who acquired Northwest in 2008. Although we were in touch as I was writing the book, Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels, we hadn't seen each other since 1960 until this past June 11, when we met again at the NWA History Centre.
This morning as I perused the Sunday edition of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, I see Bob Reardon pictured in c.j.'s column, where she is promoting an event to honor Bob this fall.
Richard Moody, another purser and Twin Cities event planner, is planning the event at the Officer's Club at Fort Snelling and inviting anyone who has ever flown with Bob, either employees or customers. There will be a 3-D cake, music, singing and a video. "It's going to be all about him," Moody says.
Bob Reardon says, "He's going over the top, I'm afraid. . .When he goes over the top, he goes over the top."
I left a message on Moody's web page asking for details and letting him know that I will be happy to help with the event any way I can.
Soooo, what are y'all doing around the first of October? Joining me to wish Bob well, I hope.


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