Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alaska Airlines No Longer On A Wing And Prayer Cards!

Photo: Alaska Airlines/AP
Alaska Airlines has ditched it's 30-year tradition of placing prayer cards on meal trays. Airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said the decision was made in response to customer complaints.
Last week Alaska Airlines announced a frequent-flier partnership with the Dubai-based Emirates but deny that the discontinuation of prayer cards is in any way related.
Alaska Airlines Air Group Chairman and CEO Bill Ayer and Alaska Airlines President Brad Tilden wrote to customers Wednesday:
Some of you enjoy the cards and associate them with our service. We also know some of you consider the cards to be a tradition that reflects your own spiritual beliefs. At the same time, we've heard from many of you who believe religion is inappropriate on an airplane, and some are offended when we hand out the cards. Religious beliefs are deeply personal and sharing them with others is an individual choice.
Among those responding whole-heartedly in favor of the prayer cards is Sarah Palin.
Lady Skywriter found Alaska Airlines playing cards, trading cards and post cards on eBay, but alas - no prayer cards! I'll bet that will change.


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