Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Midway Airport Historians

NWA Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser at Midway Airport, sometime in the 1950s

Midway Airport originally opened as Chicago Municipal Airport on May 8, 1926, and by the time I was flying 2/day NWA DC-4 trips into Midway it had become the "busiest airport in the world."  Oh the stories she can tell.
And does tell, thanks to the efforts of a few stalwart aviation historians dedicated to bringing these stories to the world. These "stalwarts" include Bob Russo (UAL ret.), Bob Soraparu (USAir, formerly Allegheny, ret.), Capt. Don Falenczykowski, SWA, and Midway Historians webmaster David Kent, pilot and author.  Many other (in their words) romantics, gear heads, flying nuts and aviation enthusiasts make up their numbers as they strive to preserve the history of Midway Airport. You must view their recently launched fascinating website that is loaded with photos, stories and information.
I am excited that I have been invited to attend their April 7 meeting in Chicago.  It will be great fun to meet these dedicated folks and to learn more about what they are about. I will have my camera cleaned, oiled and charged for the occasion, so that I may pass along some photos to you. 
In the meantime, clear your afternoon and click on the "fascinating website" link above.  You'll have a ball.


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