Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lady Skywriter Blog Is Back from the Boneyard

Photo:  Ben Wang
With no posts since November 19, 2012, I'm sure many of you have given up seeing another one.  Frankly, I never intended it to go this long.  Some persistent life experiences temporarily derailed me - or should I say, changed my flight pattern. When I recently came across this photo that Bob DuBert shared with me I had to chuckle, because it struck me as a graphic symbol of the current state of my blog.  So, is Lady Skywriter dried up in an Arizona airplane boneyard?
Not so, my friends, she is airworthy, checked out, with tanks topped off and ready to roll again.  So stay tuned.
Okay, okay, what really galvanized LS into action today in particular? Perhaps the knowledge that Bob DuBert intends to mention the Lady Skywriter website and blog in the Spring issue of Reflections, NWAHC newsletter, that will be published this coming week. That's enough to scare anyone into action!
There are lots of existing posts about interesting people, aircraft and events to occupy you - but nothing current.
So today we're off into the wild blue again.
In the past few months some events have taken place that I would like to belatedly note as follows:
Pete Patzke, Founder of the NWA History Centre in 2002, passed away October 20, 2012 - the same day the NWAHC celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  See tribute in the Winter Holidays 2012 issue of Reflections.   We miss Pete.
Phyllis Adair Tack Curry died January 15, 2013.  As Phyllis Tack, she flew the first Orient runs on NWA in a DC-4, right after WWII.  See LS November, 2009 blog posts with great photos of Phyllis and Charles Curry, the NWA pilot she met on these adventures and married soon after. Phyllis was a delight, and treasured her memories of her flying days.
Robert DuBert, retired NWA F/A is named editor of Reflections, the quarterly newsletter in January. I have had a sneak peak at the Spring edition and, as I forecast, he has taken the publication to new levels.  It is updated, smart, appealing and the feature story about Bryan Moon, written by Bob DuBert himself, will captivate you.
Okay - the guilt trip is over.  I'll be back in days, not months.  Promise!


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