Saturday, March 16, 2013

Patricia Moran, Part 2

Imagine my surprise when I received the book, "Come Fly With Me" by Patricia Moran, with this yellowed newspaper clipping inside, from Nancy Lowman.  Nancy flew for North Central/Republic/NWA and read my plea for info about Patricia Moran's book in BITS AND PIECES.  Thank you so much Nancy!
I'm trying to track down Pat's sister, Mrs. Arthur Franzmeier to talk to her.  No luck yet.  It is interesting that Pat was married at the time she was lost, to Navy pilot Lt. James Wonsettler. Had NWA discovered this secret, she would have been grounded (fired) as stewardesses were not allowed to be married in those days.
I also received a copy of the book from Darlene Jevne, who flew with Pat many times out of MSP.  Darlene learned of my interest from BITS AND PIECES as well.  Thanks a million!
If anyone has information about Pat's sister and/or brother, please let us know. This amazing story keeps unfolding. And I'll keep reporting . . .

(Minneapolis Morning Tribune, dated June 5, 1963 - 2 days after the crash)
Sorry about the quality, but click on the article and a magnifying glass with a + on it will show.
Click again and it will be large enough to read comfortably..


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