Sunday, August 10, 2014

You can still find a Northwest Airlines B-377 Stratocruiser in the most surprising places . . .

Lady Skywriter with NWA B-377 Stratocruiser   photo by John Billingsley

. . . I found this one yesterday on a farm near Owatonna, Minnesota!  Not only is it beautiful to the eye (that Northwest livery was the best!) but it also flew beautifully at the behest of its new owner, Jeff Quesenberry of Apple Valley, MN, who greased its landing to a huge round of applause.

All this took place yesterday at the 10th Anniversary gathering of SMMAC, Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club. There was every type and size of radio control aircraft on display and flying in demonstration flights. WW I and WW II dogfights, commercial airliners, military jets and the biggest R.C. model J-3 Cub I've ever seen.

There will be another huge regional show of Warbirds and Classics at Fond du Lac Wisconsin next weekend, August 15, 16 and 17.

This gorgeous giant scale NWA Boeing Stratocruiser with a wingspan of 15 ft. will be there, as will Carl Bachhuber, the talented man who designed and built her and dozens of his other "favorite airplanes." 

If you can't make it to Fond du Lac, see my next post to enjoy video of NWA Ship 704 in flight.

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