Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Red Dress

Oh Boy.  I've dithered over the red dress issue since learning of it early yesterday. It is fraught with peril. But, gulp, here goes:

On the one hand, 
I find it incredible that the union that represents Northwest Airlines flight attendants believes the size cap imposed by Delta on its signature red dress uniform (size 18) is not large enough and is asking the airline to offer it in sizes up to 28.  It should be noted here that the airline offers "a range of outfits in other colors and styles up to size 28 that flight attendants can wear."
Although I am more than 50 years older than I was when I worked for NWA, I still haven't achieved size 18 (thank goodness) and I cannot possibly imagine a size 28 making it down the aisle on any airliner I can think of without immediately getting hung up on arm rests, elbows or any manner of protrusions, and consequently blocking the aisle.  Which calls into question the union's statement that "the job isn't about sexy, it's about safety."

On the other hand,
I fully subscribe to the hard-won rejection of the ancient beliefs that "looks" has anything to do with the ability of a woman to work a flight, and that she can do so competently and efficiently, even while married and over the age of 32.  (See ancient history in my book Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels - Recalling a time when passenger flight was an adventure and the Boeing Stratocruiser ruled the skies.)
But over size 18?
What do you think?

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