Monday, March 12, 2012

Ice Pilots NWT

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Airways

A couple of years ago I learned of a new reality TV show about a family-owned airline based in the Northwest Territories of Canada that flew DC-3s and DC-4s up around the polar reaches.
I tried to find a listing for Ice Pilots NWT, but no luck. It was broadcast on CBC, and the only way stateside folks might snag it would be with a satellite dish.
Then I learned it would be broadcast on The History Channel and alas, my cable company moved the H.C. to a more expensive cable tier. I was still out of luck.
However I found their website and enjoyed reading about Buffalo Airways and its intrepid leader "Buffalo Joe."
Imagine my surprise when my son told me Ice Pilots NWT is now being shown on The Weather Channel (which I get) on Monday evenings at 8 Central and 9 Eastern time.
Now the only hitch in my getalong is that I work at the library until 8:15 and don't get home until 8:30.
Oh well, half of Ice Pilots is better than no Ice Pilots, any day.
Tune in, you old DC-4 people! You, too, might get hooked.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Mile in Her Shoes Exhibit - Billings Montana

Julie Dial, executive director of the Western Heritage Center
stands in front of Northwest Airlines flight attendant uniforms.

An exhibit at the Western Heritage Center, Billings, MT, celebrates a wide variety of women's work roles. A collection of NWA flight attendant uniforms is on display, as well as clothing worn by local women, including a buckskin suit owned by Calamity Jane!
The exhibit will continue through mid-September, 2012. Check out "A Mile in Her Shoes: Montana Women at Work."